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Martin Nicoletta is a really friendly teacher. I had the pleasure to learn Italien for around 3 month in Pavia. I hugely recommend the school. It was mostly really interactive and the learning effect was amazing.
Adi Nicoletta is an amazing teacher! she is so patient and willing to help, that makes easier and even fun to study italian.
Jessica Lessons with Nicoletta have been extremely helpful and importantly very enjoyable! She is professional, friendly and very patient. Lessons never felt like a chore and she is always willing to make lessons more relevant to your requirements. I highly recommend studying Italian with Nicoletta!
Laura Nicoletta is just the best Italian teacher I could have asked for. I was able to learn quickly all the Italian basis and therefore I am currently able to understand all my colleagues in Rome. Thanks a lot!
Alon I'm studying Italian with Nicoletta for more than a year. She is one of the best teachers I ever had. I highly recommend to study Italian with her, because she is professional, kind, helpful and patient. Since I started, I improved a lot thanks to her.
Janet ed Olivia Nonostante un corso di 4 giorni solamente, abbiamo trovato due professoresse simpatiche, attente al nostro livello ed alle nostre richieste. Abbiamo certamente fatto progressi ed abbiamo continuato a studiare l'italiano ora che siamo tornate a casa. My sister and I were a bit worried before the course because we felt we were at different levels; however we needn't have worried as Nicoletta and Elena soon judged what we needed and really improved our spoken italian.
Erik Skog (Sweden) I spent four days practicing Italian with Elena and Nicoletta and not only was it useful but also very enjoyable. I particularly appreciated that they really listened to and adjusted to my requirements. In my case I wanted to speak and discuss in Italian, to get going and increase fluency, without being interrupted.  They handled that perfectly. I strongly recommend them to anyone who consider taking private lessons in Italian.
Isabel y Juan We really enjoyed our lessons with Nicoletta and Elena. They are open to your needs and they are very flexible, wich in our case was a must. Lessons were a lot of fun, with different activities (typical activities of a language class but nonetheless fun to do) and Nicoletta took advantage of situations when we got out of topic to streghten our vocabulary or grammar. She is a very interesting person to chat with! We took our lessons twice a week for a month and a half, and it really helped us to improve our italian in day to day situations. We really recommend L'altra lingua! Loved our time there and maybe we will be taking lessons through skype any time soon!
Claire Jones I had one-on-one Italian lessons with Nicoletta for a period of about five months and I can honestly say that it was a really enjoyable experience, even though at the beginning I was a little nervous, being that there was only me to answer Nicoletta’s questions, where previously I was used to being taught in a group at another school. Nicoletta was professional, the content of the lessons was always relevant and expanded not only my knowledge of the Italian language and grammar, but also of Italian culture. I cannot recommend Nicoletta, her style of teaching and L’Altra Lingua highly enough, and I would urge anyone who is considering taking Italian lessons in Pavia, to go to L’Altra Lingua and seek out Nicoletta, I doubt you’ll be disappointed!
Jane Thorn (Australia) I have had many Italian lessons over the years, but I think the ones I had at L'Altra Lingua were the best yet. Elena set exactly the right pace so that I was always engaged and focused. She responded well to my need for a lot of conversation, encouraging me to both speak and listen. She spoke in Italian almost exclusively and at a speed that I could understand but that wasn't easy for me. Subsequently, I've had at least three whole conversations in Italian without the victim immediately switching to English. I call that success! Not only was the style and content of the lessons excellent but we had some amusing conversations along the way. And I would highly recommend L'Altra Lingua to other students of any level. Pavia itself is also worth visiting, especially the monastery of Certosa di Pavia. The town is pretty, there are many lovely places to eat, and it's very easy to get to from Milan
Kaori, Giappone Ho passato solo una settimana a Pavia per seguire un corso di letteratura presso L'altra Lingua. Nonostante sia stato un brevissimo vacanza studio, i bravissimi professori mi hanno offerto un'esperienza veramente indimenticabile. Spero di ritornare a Pavia per contentarmi con la lettura delle opere meravigliose dei scrittori italiani. Alla prossima!
Phillip Sharpe UK I really enjoyed the week I spent at this language school taking private lessons with both Elena and Nicoletta . I found them to be two, highly qualified, professional teachers who skilfully facilitated and encouraged me to discuss all kinds of topics ranging from politics to the current trend for Escape Rooms. I easily achieved my objective to improve my spoken Italian in a relevant, interesting and fun way. Pavia is a small interesting city rich in architecture and history. The people were friendly and helpful so it’s the perfect place to practice ones language skills. I would highly recommend this school to those wanting to learn or improve their knowledge of Italian.
Zack Rodriguez, Texas Nico and Elena are great teachers. They both have studied how to teach Italian and it really shows in their lessons and approaches. They are also very kind and fun to be around. They adapted my lessons to my own goals and pushed me to improve without being too tough. I highly recommend them and their school. Pavia is also a very nice city, really more like a large town. The people are very welcoming and willing to help you out with day to day Italian transactions. If you are looking for a very personalized, tranquil setting to study your Italian, I encourage you to attend this school.
Jarl Spandow, Norway Taking private Italian lessons with Nicoletta and Elena is great fun. They are both very enthusiastic and very professional. I very much enjoy the training and will highly recommend L'Altra Lingua to anyone wanting to learn Italian
Dick Adam, Usa Sono andato circa sei volte in italia per studiare italiano, alle altre scuole in altre citta'. L' Altra Lingua e' il meglio, secondo me! Io non sono un bravo studente, ma Nicoletta e' Elena sono bravissime insegnanti! Sanno come insegnare ogni studente conformemente all' abilita' ed esigenza. Raccomando molto L' Altra Lingua.
Joanne Sidwell Nicoletta and Elena are effective teachers who have developed a truly practical approach for foreigners learning Italian. The lessons include useful situations and vocabulary. The conversation - on-going and always in Italian - is so helpful in overcoming inhibitions about speaking. As other reviewers have said, the teachers are experienced and patient. I highly recommend L'Altra Lingua to anyone wishing to learn or improve their Italian.
Natalie Stafford, United States Un bel periodo in una scuola meravigliosa! Le insegnanti erano bravissima e molto pazienti. Abbiamo studiato la grammatica, ed era molto utile, ma mi e piaciuta la conversazione. Studio italiano perché alla fine voglio parlare la lingua. L'Altra Lingua mi ha aiutato con quella meta.
Edward (Taiwan) Nicoletta and Elena are two professional Italian teachers with plentiful experiences and patience. The school provides a great atmosphere for learning a new language. Definitely recommended :)
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